Awaken Initiatives
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There has been a series of historic events this year that most people especially in Asia are unaware or not awaken to. The parliaments of Wales, Scotland and England have made a declaration. This has led to in May 2019, of the United Kingdom becoming the first country in the world to declare a Climate Emergency. In quick succession Portugal, Canada and France have then declared a Climate Emergency. Why have they made this unprecedented move?

In part their citizens have begun to understand the United Nations IPPC report on Climate Change issued in late 2018. Essentially, the United Nations Secretary General has summarily stated that amongst all other problems, Climate Change is the most important facing humanity and is an existential threat.

What is an existential threat? It is when the very existence of life in your community or your country or your planet is at risk. We are at a major crossroad. And require us to band together for positive impact to avert this threat.

How would you and your business establish more positive impact as well as become more profitable?

We are building an impact ventures network with like-minded entrepreneurs and change agents. The positive impact targeted is especially to address the most crucial challenge in the 21st century which is Climate Crisis Escalation.